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Backpack for Dogs

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🐶You want to go on a ride and your dog is not a great sportsman?
🐶Do you love cycling in the city or in the countryside?
🐶Do you like to ride a motorcycle and want your companion to accompany you safely?
🐶This bag is for him! 😍
🐶Our product is a MUST when you want to walk with your dog everywhere!


  • It allows to leave it safe while letting it enjoy the good air and the outdoor landscape!
  • A small strap on the inside of the bag will prevent the dog from jumping out. A sliding link will adapt the closure of the opening to the width of the dog's neck.
  • Made of breathable fabric, it will provide perfect ventilation for all seasons.
  • Several sizes available, can carry dogs up to 25 kg!
M= 30 x 34 x 16 cm for dogs from 1 to 10 kg approximately
L = 36 x 45 x 21 cm for dogs from 10 to 25 kg approximately

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