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Bamboo Charcoal Shoe Plug

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100% natural bamboo charcoal,  dehumidification, deodorization, antibacterial and reusable.

Material: It is made of natural bamboo and fired at a temperature of nearly 1000 degrees. The molecules are fine and porous, the quality is hard, and it has strong adsorption capacity. It purifies the air, eliminates odor, absorbs moisture and mildew, and inhibits bacteria and insects.

Physical Carbon: Green safe without adding any chemical binder.

Color: Colorful candy color, Bring you a different mood.

Delivery: Mix and match different colors to create a different healthy life.

Care for your feet: All kinds of shoes are easy to use, Removes taste and absorbs moisture.
Wearing single shoes, leather shoes, sneakers are easy to sweat, can be used to absorb moisture every night.

Each Package Contains: One Pair
Total Weight: 200 g
Size: 7.09 inch long * 3.94 inch wide
Applicable Space: Wardrobe, Drawer, Storage bag, Shoes & etc.

Tips: After using for a period of time, it can be placed in the sun to dry, and can be used repeatedly.