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Boxing Fight Ball for Improving Reaction Speed

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🥊Punching the Ball🥊

🤾‍♂Strong Your Body🤾‍♂

Have no motivation to workout at home? Do not want to go gym? No worries, this punching ball can do a big favor, it is so lightweight and portable, which means you can take it with you to anywhere. Perfect for work breaks or school breaks or even for the beach and the park.


  • PROFESSIONAL REFLEX TRAINING: The best way to improve hand eye coordination and reflex. This boxing speed ball is a good choice for increasing kids' eye-hand coordination, reflexes, agility while enjoying themselves.
  • WIDELY APPLICABLE: It is suitable for man or woman, teenager or child, even boxing trainer. You don't have to be a professional boxer to use fight ball! Everyone can use it to train, have fun or release stress.
  • LET THE CALORIES BURNING: The unpredictability of the rebounding ball, coupled with the intensity of your punches will really burn out your arms, chest, shoulders and upper back, perfect for calorie burning and conditioning! In addition, it's very addicting!


  • Color: Red
  • Material: Nylon strap, Eco-friendly foam
  • Size: elastic band 80 cm (can be cut / adjusted)
  • Headband: self-adhesive adjustable
  • Weight: 80 g


  • 1 x fight ball + 1 x band(1 set)