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Carfresh pro - eliminates car odors, smoke, and allergens

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Purifies your car. It uses anion technology to achieve air purification and releases a massive amount of negative ions (3,800,000pcs/cm3). Just plug it in and forget it! Never worry about secondhand smoke or unpleasant smells again with this revolutionary product!


  • Removes smoke, dust, odors and harmful bacteria
  • Eliminate toxins such as benzene and formaldehyde
  • Proven to improve respiration and reduce respiratory problems
  • Reduce allergies
  • Produces a feeling of well-being and freshness
  • No longer will you be bothered by secondhand smoke and horrible odors. Check out exactly what our revolutionary air purification system is capable of!

How does it work?

Now you're probably wondering...how could such a small, inconspicuous item actually purify the air in my car? The answer is quite simple; Ionization. With nearly 3.8-4.8 million negative ions, CarFresh Air Purifiers are able to neutralize the electric charge of all the smoke, odor, bacteria, and dust particles that are floating around in your car. Once neutralized, these pesky particles simple fall to the floor of your car where they are cleaned up in routine maintenance. Never again will you breathe in these harmful substances!

What are the benefits of CarFresh air purifier?

Whether indoors or outdoors, there are harmful particles and bacteria that are threatening our health, weakening and damaging our lungs. Even our immune systems are affected by this harmful air. This creates problems and irritates breathing issues such as asthma, which is becoming more common among people all over the world, along with other breathing-related problems.

There are many ways to fight the in-car air pollutants, such as cleaning out the dust and spraying some product that "cleanses the air." However, this is not enough to filter out the invisible air pollutant particles.

Our purifiers utilize negative ion technology without doing any harm to the human body to improve air quality. Especially when there is a smoker in your family, our product can help protect against passive smoking. It is not only a health protector, but it's also a great choice for gift items.