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Color Changing Hair Dye

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Temporary Hair Effect
Rinse Out In 1 Wash

Product Features

  • This NEW, fun and unique temporary hair dye is formulated to change color with cool or hot temperatures. Watch with excitement as your hair color changes right before your eyes, just as fast as your style mood changes, with just one touch!

  • EASY TO USE! APPLY, DRY, & YOU’RE READY TO GO. All you need to do is apply the color to clean, dry hair that’s free from any conditioners or products. Dip the sponge applicator into the jar of color cream and apply to your hair—have fun with it! 

  • ENDLESSLY FUN FOR YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS! Switch between colors over and make patterns over crimped sections, braids, clip-in hair extensions, different layers, and so much more! Enjoy shade-shifting effects and then wash it out and go back to your regular color style without any regrets.

  • Temporary - Wash it out and your natural color will be back


    Package Includes: 

    • 1 pc * Color Changing Hair Dye


    • This product will work better on light hair color