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Colorful Speed Cups

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Colorful Family Game That Helps You And Your Children Improve Coordination And Reaction Speed!


  • Fun And Simple Color-Matching Cup Stacking Game That Challenges You To Think And React Quickly –Beat Your Opponents To The Bell!
  • Each Player Gets 5 Cups – Red, Blue, Yellow, Black and Green And You Have To Match The Arrangement Of The Colors With The Colors On The Picture Card!
  • Each Card Is Different To Keep You On Your Toes – Think Fast, Act Faster, Ring The Bell First To Win! 


  1. First, each player gets a set of 5 cups in 5 different colors – Red, Blue, Yellow, Black and Green!
  2. Place the bell in the center of your table, with all players surrounding it.
  3. Shuffle the picture cards and place the deck face down next to the bell.
  4. Each picture card features an image with 5 different colors – the same colors as your cups. What matters is the order of which the colors are positioned. You have to match up your colors with the card’s colors!
  5. Also important is whether the colors are lined up in a row, or stacked on top of each other. You also have to copy this with your cups. Stack them if they’re stacked, and line them up if they’re lined up.
  6. The round begins when the picture card is flipped over. In the first round, the youngest flips the card over to start the game, then simply rotate clockwise around the table for the next rounds.
  7. Think fast! Act faster! Quickly rearrange your 5 differently colored cups to match how the colors are positioned on each card's picture.
  8. The first player to arrange his/her 5 cups in the right order and ring the bell wins the card!
  9. After 24 rounds, the player with the most cards is the champ!


  • 20 cups in five colors+54 cards+English instructions+1 dingding clock for 2 /4players