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Decal Removal Wheel Disc

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 Decal Removal Wheel Disc

Each time when you want to remove a decal on your new favorite product, does it irritate you if it takes a long~ long~ time to clean it, and finally you cannot remove it totally?

Now, our product is available for you! ! Just order one, and you will not disappoint!


  • The rubber stripe off wheel can withstand up to 4000 RPM to effectively and quickly remove decals, stickers, and pinstripes from cars, boats, RV, trucks, motorcycles and more.


  • Easy and Safe to use: Will not scratch or harm acrylic enamel or urethane paint. No need for dangerous and harmful chemical. Easy installation on any home power or pneumatic drill. Apply light pressure to the top of the decal, working back and forth until removed.




  • Revolutions used: 4000 revolutions
  • Product thickness: 2.5 cm or 2.0 cm
  • Gear diameter: 10 cm
  • Material: Rubber


Package Include:

  • 1x Set Decal Removal Wheel Disc