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DOMOM 10-In-1 Tungsten Steel Grinding Head Set ( 10PCs )

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 🔥The DOMOM 10 in 1 Tungsten Steel Grinding Head ( 10PCS ) that consist of inverted cone, pointed cone, round nose cone, pointed tree cone, ball nose cone, flame, ball, oval, cylinder and round nose cylinder tip!

🌞Perfect for any handcraft that uses rotary tools!🌞


  • ✅Processing all kinds of metal(burr bits for metal carbide burrs for steel including all sorts of hardened steel) and non-metal (such as marble, jade, bone).
  • ✅Machining hardness reach HRA85.
  • ✅Can be replaced with small grinding wheel for most of work, and no dust pollution.
  • ✅High efficiency, high-quality finish, long service life, good economic returns.
  • Easy to use, safe and reliable, can reduce labor intensity.
  • ✅Mechanical parts chamfering, rounding and groove processing.
  • ✅More suitable for the object of relatively low density material 10 different types: Oval, inverted cone, pointed cone,ball nose cone,ball nose, pointed tree nose,flame,ball,cylinder with round head, cylinder with end cut.


  • ✅Cleaning trimming,veining and weld joint of casting, forging and weldment.Finishing all kinds of metal molds.
  • ✅Impeller passage of finishing processing.
  • ✅A variety of mechanical parts chamfer,round and groove processing.
  • ✅Inner hole surface of machinery parts finishing.
  • ✅The process of various metal and nonmetal sculpture.


  • Material: Tungsten steel solid carbide
  • Shank diameter: 3mm(about 1/8")
  • Shank Length: 35mm
  • Cutting edge diameter: 6 mm
  • Total length: 42-51 mm

🔖Package Includes:
  • 1 x DOMOM 10 in 1 Tungsten Steel Grinding Head ( 10PCS )