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Electric Facial Hair Trimmer

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The common feature of a perfect woman is hairless on their face! Want to be perfect as they are? Use our Electric Facial Hair Trimmer!!!

Product Features:

  • Function:Remove our facial hair without pain and irritation.
  • High efficiency: Remove the hair on the chin, cheek and upper lip in a few second and no hair is missed. 
  • Easy operation:  Easy to use with the simple twist on/off design.
  • Battery powered: Can be used at any time. 
  • Perfect appearance: Look like a fancy lipstick.
  • Portable: Fit in any handbag and can be taken into everywhere you want to go. Make sure you have the hairless face at any time.
  • Easy cleaning: Can be easy cleaned under the running water.


  • Better to use alcohol to clean it.

Package Includes:

1 X Electric Facial Hair Trimmer