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Feeler gauge with 32 sheets

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Feeler gauge with 32 sheets📏

  • Durable: stainless steel with a second layer of anticorrosive treatment, which makes the product more resistant to wear, not easily damaged, can adapt to almost all measures.
  • Wide range: 360 ° rotation, easy to unfold and shrink, easy to transport and store.
  • Clear specifications: each sheet is printed with specifications, clear and clear, easy to use at a glance.
  • Fastening of the nut: the glue nut is attached, and the fixing nut of the belt is elastic, which is convenient and fast.
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Size: 99mm * 15mm * 15mm
  • Weight: 120g
Package includes:
  • 1 thickness gauge with 32 sheets