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Fidget Spinner Case for iPhone

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Click, Spin, Touch, Roll.
Thin Sleek and Protective
We all know how the fidget spinner craze took over the world to help people release their stress and regain focus, and that got us thinking...Why carry around an extra gadget when you already have a smartphone that you handle hundreds times a day?
Fidget Spinner Case is an iPhone case that's all new generation! It combines Polycarbonate Shell and soft touch materials for uncompromising protection.
Fidget Spinner Case is also a Cool, Playful and Interactive iPhone case that will have your fingers totally addicted! CLICK, SPIN, TOUCH and ROLL So grab your phone for an instant de-stress.

Fidget Spinner Case is not only a case, it's a spinning case. It's well-designed protective case that can also double as the perfect stress reliever. 

There are multiple ways to use it:

  1. Challenges Mode: Challenge your friends to see who can get the most turns or spin the fastest!
  2. Random Mode: An arrow will point who wins or who loses, you make the rules!
  3. FX Mode : Spin the case and get hypnotized by the moving graphics and optical effects!

Fidget Spinner Case may be one of the coolest cases you'll ever own. It's more than the other simple stress relievers out there, it offers multiple ways to play and reduce stress. Try it, you'll love it!


  • THE CLICK BROTHERS - Clickable buttons with a soft texture and addicting "click" sound.
  • THE ROCKET SPINNER - A spin wheel to spin your phone on a table!
  • THE AMAZING TOUCH FIELD - A silicone textured surface offering a pleasant touch.
  • THE SLIPPERY SPHERES - 3 mini spheres providing a fun sliding surface for your fingers.
  • PROTECTIVE - Fidget Spinner Case takes your phone case to the next level! It combines a Poly-carbonate Shell and soft touch materials for uncompromising protection.

 Package Included

1 x Fidget Spinner Case