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Flexible Deburring Tool

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Product Features:
  • Highly Durable Deburring Blades - The blades are made of tempered high-speed steel that makes them high performing and resistant to wear. The lifetime of these blades is 80% more than regular blades.
  • Superior Quality - Equipped with high quality handle for longevity, this deburring tool offers comfortable and secure grip.
  • Versatile Hand Deburring Tool - Designed for purposes ranging from DIY projects to professional industrial applications.
  • Enables Effortless Finishing- Carries out rough to extra fine deburring operations with perfection. Works on Metal, Plastic, PVC, and many other surfaces.
  • Easy to Use - This tool is portable and easy to change blades with only one press.


  • Handle Length: 100mm
  • Blade Material: M2 HSS
  • Blade Hardness: 62-64Rc

Package Includes:

1 x Flexible Deburring Tool with 1 blade

1 x Flexible Deburring Tool with 11 blades