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Foam Pogo Jumper for Kids(Random Color)

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Designed specifically for little ones, this ​toddler pogo stick​ is a great place to start with the joys of pogo and let your kids have hours of fun.Get ready to ​boing boing​ your kids to a healthier future with our ​flybar pogo stick ​made of heavy duty foam.It’s time to boing, boing and squeak and introduce your kids to a new fun hopping activity.


  • BOING, BOING, SQUEAK:foam pogo stick is hours of healthy, bouncy fun. Crafted from durable foam, this is an ideal first pogo stick for kids; each jump makes a fun squeaky sound destined to delight.
  • USE ANYWHERE:We’ve designed our kids jumper for indoor and outdoor use, the heavy duty components will withstand all conditions and unlike inferior jumping toys, this pogo jumper for kids is made to last.
  • TRAIN BALANCE:Pogo sticks make great active toys for kids because they help train hand eye coordination and gross motor skills; Give your kid a headstart in life with a toddler toys pogo stick crafted to improve balance.
  • HEALTHY:Get your kid off the sofa with a jumping toy that encourages fitness; Our bungee jumper is a foam pogo stick that promotes healthy activity whilst being incredible bouncy boing fun! It's one of the most perfect toddler toys around!


  • Product Dimensions:30x 25 x 10 CM.
  • Weight : 1 KG.
  • Color : Purple,Red,Green.

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  • Foam Pogo Jumper for Kids(Random Color)