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Hi-Tech Nano Liquid Screen Protector - Liquid protective glass

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💕💕This revolutionary protection is suitable for all types and dimensions of glass surfaces. 💕💕

  • Nano-millions of millions of ultra-thin layers create an ultra-thin layer on the display to enhance the display and provide invisible protection against scratches. 
  • In addition to display protection, the oil-coating layer will also improve its resistance to grease, water and fingerprints.


  • Compatible with many devices, one protection for all displays 
  • Covers the entire surface of any display, including those curved 
  • Simple installation, complete packaging with all the necessary 
  • Improves protection against dirt, scratches and cracks 
  • Improves the feeling of operating the device - the surface is smoother 
  • Equal protection for the entire display area 


    One pack is perfect for up to 6 "screen display, and for larger screens, we recommend having two packs on hand, then we recommend repeating the protection once a year.