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Ice Cube Trays, Ice Pop Makers (3 Pieces)

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Are you tired of struggling with your old ice cube trays which make ice cubes slither across your counter or floor, freeze excess water and keep the ice cubes altogether?

If so, YOU NEED the Ice Cube Trays. It is a new and revolutionary device in which you can freeze ice and keep it fresh and odorless for use in your favorite drinks.

Making ice with Ice Cube Trays is as easy as 1-2-3. Just fill it, slide the insert, then freeze. When you’re ready, pop it and drop it into any size glass!


Its UNIQUE & FUNCTIONAL DESIGN will enable you to position them horizontally, vertically or even upside down. No spills ever!

Every Ice Cube Trays has a watertight seal and an odor-locking design so nothing that's inside will ever spill or start to smell.

It makes a perfect gift and can be used for fruit juice, milk, coffee, honey, smoothie recipe, yogurt, popsicles and on.

Grab Your Own Ice Cube Trays NOW While Supplies Last!


Why You Will Love It

✔ Three per pack: These ice cube making devices come in pack of three, and with each set, you'll also get plastic holders so you can use them to make ices cubes or popsicles.

✔ Portable: As each one is about the same size as a popsicle, all of these tools are portable and can be added to any cooler if you want to serve icy treats while on the go. 

✔ Locks out doors: Each one is made with an odor-locking design that'll keep foul odors from developing. It'll always smell fresh instead of smelling more like something you don't want to put in your drink.

✔ Spring-loaded action: When you pull the blue zig-zag insert out of each device, each insert will act as a spring, releasing each ice cube at a time with each pull of your fingers.

✔ Easy to use: They are safe for kids to use and simple enough for even young children to understand. Kids will have fun pulling the spring-loaded inserts out, and won't have to use a great deal of coordination that they may not have to twist out a cube.

Package Includes:

  • 3x Ice Cube Trays Ice Cube Trays
  • 3x Ice Pop Makers
  • 1x Stand Down


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